Jueshuai X13 Electric Scooter Review

The Jueshuai X13 Electric Scooter with a 13-inch tire has been making waves. With its impressive specs and features, it’s no wonder why this scooter has caught the attention of many. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a deep dive into the Jueshuai X13, exploring its key parameters, performance, and what sets it apart from the competition.


Model Number: X13

Category: Two-wheel Scooter

Applicable People: Unisex

Range Per Charge: 100KM

Foldable: YES

Charging Time: 8-10 hours

Voltage: 60V

Power: 6000W

Brand Name: Jueshuai Scooter

Tire Size:13 inch

Max Speed: 90KM/H

Scooter Brake:Oil Brake + EABS

Max Load: 200KG

Waterproof: IP54

Foldable: Yes

Design and Build Quality:

The X13 boasts a robust build with a thickened aluminum alloy frame, which ensures durability and stability. The scooter is foldable, making it easy to transport and store. It features a large memory foam seat for added comfort during long rides.

Powerful Motor:

The scooter is equipped with a high-speed 6000W motor, which is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 90KM/H. This motor provides ample power for quick acceleration and handling steep inclines with ease.

Battery Performance:

The X13 is powered by a 60V 30AH 18650 Li-ion battery, providing a substantial range of up to 100KM on a single charge. The charging time is around 8 hours, which is reasonable for such a large battery capacity.

Tire and Suspension:

The 13-inch front and rear street tires, along with the front and rear shock absorbers, contribute to a comfortable and stable ride. The deep saw non-slip tire design ensures strong grip, making it suitable for various terrains, including sandy and mountain roads.

Braking System

This scooter features both front and rear electric disc brakes, providing effective stopping power. Additionally, it has a power-off brake function for added safety.

Safety Features:

The scooter comes with a variety of safety features, including a U7 flashing headlight on the front, a 2-in-1 headlight with horn, left and right turn signals, and constant and flashing eagle-eye lights on the front and rear. These lights improve visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

Maximum Load Capacity:

With a maximum load capacity of 200 kg, the X13 is suitable for riders of various sizes, making it a versatile option for both individuals and cargo transportation.


The scooter can handle inclines with a gradability of up to 50°, making it suitable for hilly terrain.

Waterproof Rating:

It has an IP54 waterproof rating, which provides protection against light rain and splashes. However, it’s advisable to avoid riding in heavy rain to prolong the scooter’s lifespan.

Additional Features:

The scooter features hand-operated self-locking folding for convenient storage and transport. It also includes a kickstand for stability when parked.


The X13 is CE certified, indicating compliance with European safety standards.

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